Humanisme & Mindfulness - 11, 12, 13 septembre 2015

Economic model

The conference is not sponsored; its organisation is based on the generosity and contribution of every body.

Mindful Contribution: the challenge of solidarity!

Mindful Contribution means: to give in euros, the equivalent of what we mindfully considered have received.

The price is given as an indication of the cost: 55€/day, 165€/3days. Accommodation and meals are not included.

You may have three choices:

  • To give more than 55€/day: that is supporting the development and compensates the low gifts
  • To give 55€/day: to secure the balance of the budget
  • To give less the 55€/day: doing our best

In any case your contribution is precious to maintain and develop the Open Mindfulness Institute for the benefit of all.

This Mindful Contribution is the equivalent of the traditional donation system. It is nowadays spreading in the fields of “Solidarity Economy”. This Mindful Contibution system may help to change our consumerist mentality and to reconsider our relation to money.

A free donation economy

Mindfulness is an emphatic and compassionate experience. Following the traditional economic principles of transmission, which are not commercially oriented, we choose the “donation system”.

The financial contribution in euro is based on individual mindfulness and responsibility. It means to be concerned and to understand the necessary financial cost of the activities proposed.