Humanisme & Mindfulness - 11, 12, 13 septembre 2015

About us

Open Mindfulness Institute

The conference « Humanism & Mindfulness, an education for XXIe century » is organised by the Open Mindfulness Institute – OMI.

OMI aim at the secular, non religious, transmission of Open Mindfulness Compassion training. Its programmes are based on a protocol initiated by Denys Rinpoché.

Open Mindfulness Compassion protocol

Fruit of ancient contemplative tradition and modern sciences, the Open Mindfulness Compassion is not a new type of meditation technique. Rooted in the age old contemplative sciences, mainly Buddhist, the method uses a contemporary format, precisely sequenced, well balance and close at hand, easy to apply in our daily life.

Open Mindfulness Network

The Open Mindfulness Institute is the first institute of the Open Mindfulness Network, an international network of Open Mindfulness Facilitators. The network aim at the promotion of Mindfulness training in the world, acknowledging Mindfulness as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The network is working g at the authentic integration of mindfulness training in a humanistic, cooperative and non profit oriented philosophy.

A long tradition of trandisciplinary dialogues

This Conference is part of numerous inter-traditions and transdisciplinary seminars and symposiums initiated by Rimay during the last 35 years. This initiative is based on a vision of “unity in diversity “ echoing the European slogan “In varietate Concordia”.

Past conferences had include:

  • 1997: with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and ambassadors of the primordial traditions of the five continents, Cf. the book « Le Cercle des Anciens » éd. Albin Michel and the film: Fire on the Mountain by David Cherniack
  • 2004: Ecology and spirituality, with the WWF and Pierre Rabhi, Cf. the book and the film: ed. Yves Michel
  • 2011: Economy and spirituality, Altruism more than avidity Cf. the book ed. Yves Michel.
  • 2003: Islam-Dharma, rencontre de cœur à cœur, éd. Rimay
  • 2006 : Les signes de la fin des temps, éd. Question De
  • 1985, 2014, Yoga, méditation et bouddhisme, éd. Bois d’Orion
  • 2005: Psychology & Dharma, visions and practices
  • 1980 – 20010 : Numerous Christian – Buddhist seminars, with the Père de Gives, Jean-Yves Le Loup and Laurence Freeman

Avalon Ecosite

The Open Mindfulness Institute is situated in the beautiful Ecosite of Avalon in the French Alps.

The Ecosite is also the place of the head office of Rimay Community, an important source of Dharma transmission, translation and retreat centre in Europe.

Rimay offers a set of well structured programs of transmission suited to our modern life style. In order to satisfy different sensibilities and motivations, Rimay propose two main set of pedagogical approaches based on the same source of Wisdom and Compassion: a secularMindfulneess training program and a traditional yogique transmission program including three years retreat intensive vajrayâna meditation training.