Humanisme & Mindfulness - 11, 12, 13 septembre 2015


Printemps de l’éducation

The Printemps de l’éducation association acts as a catalyst for information, networking and innovative projects for educational diversity and freedom of being.

This non-governmental organisation is a great asset to connect different partners for a renewal of the educational system, inspiring good practices through data sharing and helping in ensuring visibility to promising initiatives.


Marie-Laure Wieser

& Christophe Laurens


We can see that the society in which our children live does not seem to provide a safe environment with appropriate conditions necessary to learning and wellbeing, and on the contrary favours distraction, excessive stimulation, immediate reactivity and individualism. Our objective is to allow all children to develop their attention towards themselves (body, emotions, thoughts) in the now and in relation with others. Enfance et Attention gathers professionals trained to attention development methods based on the MBSR protocol for children and teenagers.

Laurence de Gaspary




« Sagesses de l’Humanité »

A humanist project founded by Danielle & Oliver Föllmi, compiling texts and pictures to share the philosophical and spiritual heritage of humankind. Two collections of books followed by exhibitions in order to reach the heart of the cities.

Review Regard bouddhiste

Regard bouddhiste, the only Buddhist magazine in French issued in the press, gives an opportunity to hear real practitioners and teachers about the art of liberation in your daily life presenting the views of different Buddhist traditions on the subject. Practicing journalists, qualified teachers and exceptional guides tackle central themes such as mindfulness, compassion, emotions, ego, joy and healing methods. This review provides a comprehensive and coherent approach, both secular and Buddhist, in an open-minded and pedagogical perspective.

Réseau École et Nature

The REN, national network for environmental education and sustainable development, connects actors interested in that area of expertise including 30 regional associations (GRAINEs…). This educative view is based on territorial structures and contributes to implementing a collaborative democracy and spreading respect for the environment. The REN also takes part in the national, European and international decision making process on environmental education. This network with the GRAINEs support initiated the first national reunions on this matter in 1999.



Digital encyclopaedia on sustainable development.

 Michel Giran

Association La NEF

Creuset de réflexion

Grâce aux cotisations de ses membres et aux dons qu’elle reçoit, initie et soutient des groupes de réflexion, organise des séminaires, pour contribuer à la recherche sur le rôle de l’argent dans la vie sociale. Elle met à la disposition du public le fruit de ses travaux et expérimentations. Elle apporte aussi son soutien à quelques projets « coups de coeur ».

Le Fonds Germes d’économie fraternelle

Le DON au coeur de l’économie

Grâce aux dons et legs qu’il a la capacité de recevoir, encourage l’expérimentation de nouveaux fonctionnements économiques. Son objectif est d’apporter son soutien à des projets innovants dans les domaines de l’éducation et de l’agriculture, en veillant à la qualité sociale et environnementale et humaine des initiatives soutenues.



Initiated in 2007 by Pierre Rabhi, Colibris mobilises public support in favour of an eco-friendly and more humane society. This NGO emphasizes personal change as a core value for any crucial transformation. Colibris aims to inspire, link and support citizens committed to individual and collective transition.

Marc de la Ménardière

Les Éclaireuses et Éclaireurs de la Nature

The Scout of Nature association pursues a mindfulness approach through means of educational and exploratory cooperative activities in order to teach children and young people how to live together and find meaning in their life. This movement is based on the idea of a “liberating education “ that fosters already existing dispositions among youngsters instead of stifling them.

Bastien Isabelle

Solidarité Homéopathie

The Solidarité Homéopathie association wants to help the poorest in France and abroad, to improve their health and develop less expensive healing methods thanks to knowledge and resources present in their environment. It ensures treatments through homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, shiatsu massage or other recognised alternative medicine. It teaches also the main principles of nutrition, botanical medicine and biodynamic cultivation.


Thanks to an innovative editorial approach, combining deep understanding, wisdom and art of living, Happinez erases the line between inner and outer beauty. Like a leading light on the path towards wellbeing, it explores different ways of personal development.


This association founded by K. Mazevet, author of the reference book “Education, a strategy to re-enchant life”, enables a better awareness on our children to grow through its network of regional association. Eduka-3000 organises meetings, diverse stays, training courses and workshops to share and convey experiences or practices to children, teens and grownups in the field of education.

Association Share&Care

Créée à la fin de l’année 2006, notre association comprend des professionnels de la santé et du travail social, des artistes ainsi que des prestataires de bien être. Son objet est de promouvoir le bien être en milieu festif par l’écoute et l’information, le travail corporel et la musique. Nous offrons nos services dans les festivals et fêtes sur le principe d’une aide mutuelle, d’un travail bénévole et d’une libre circulation des savoirs, pratiques et énergies. Notre vocation est d’offrir au public un espace convivial pour se reposer, se ressourcer et se recentrer. Mais aussi pour échanger autour de certaines valeurs qui nous tiennent à cœur comme l’éco responsabilité, l’ethno responsabilité et la conscience citoyenne.

European Buddhist Union

A Buddhist voice for Europe. The EBU is the umbrella organisation of national Buddhist unions and Buddhist organisations in Europe.


La chaire Mindfulness, Bien-être au travail et Paix économique

Whereas every war aims to peace, only the economic warfare has its own survival for objective. Yet many leaders, managers and employees wish to think differently. The Chaire promotes mindfulness practice as primary step on the path towards establishing peace, economic health and strengthening the social fabric of the business world.

 Dominique Steiler


Tera has been an experimental project for ten years and wants to build an ecovillage organised in sustainable residential communities of about thirty people merged in an ecosite of 1800 inhabitants in collaboration with a local community.

Frédéric Bosqué

Génération Tao

TAO means “path” or “way” in Chinese, illustrated by the Yin Yang sphere. According to this meaning, the diverse media of Génération TAO invite us to change our view on the world and to open up to new perspectives such as body ecology, movement arts and self-knowledge.

Terre du Ciel

Terre du Ciel is an NGO promoting structures to express holiness and fraternity. It wants to disseminate the fundamental message of all traditions and spiritual practices aiming to transform humankind and build a wiser society. It values a live spirituality connecting body, soul and mind and encourages thoughts on the link between personal change and social transformation.

Association pour la Méditation dans l’Enseignement

Association pour la meditation dans l’enseignement strives to develop secular mindfulness practice for children witin the educational system. AME elaborates and broadcasts mindfulness programs in schools through two pilot-programs (PEACE & PAUSE). Trainings exist also for teachers and other instructors working in a school environment.

CREA-Apprendre la Vie

Association “R(d’)évolution”