Humanisme & Mindfulness - 11, 12, 13 septembre 2015

David Hykes



Pioneering composer-singer, visual artist, and contemplative mentor, shares the Harmonic Presence teachings and practices in their four main forms: Harmonic Chant, the “music of the spheres of being,” which he founded in New York in 1975 and has shared world-wide ever since, through hundreds of concerts with the Harmonic Choir, and retreats and seminars in over 20 countries;
Accompanied deep contemplative and meditation practices, explored in retreats since 1980;
A broad range of healing harmonization and mindfulness practices, perfected since 1975; and the Harmonic Vision– our voices visualized, revealing their innate harmonic patterns whether sounding names, all Names, mantras, in stars, and in the universe. he taught at the Mind and Life.


All session by David Hykes

Concert et chant harmonique

11 Sep 2015

Harmonic Meeting

13 Sep 2015
Harmonic Meeting