Humanisme & Mindfulness - 11, 12, 13 septembre 2015

Humanism & Mindfulness


for the XXIst Century


11, 12 & 13th - 2015

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Open Mindfulness


- Savoie
Domaine d'Avalon
- France

Pierre Rabhi

Edgar Morin

Inspired and support by

Denys Rinpoché

Transdisciplinary meeting

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Teachers and meditation practitioners
/ Scientists

30 contributors

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7 Plenary Conferences

Mindfulness, a key for education?

“Be the change you wish too see in the world”

The Conference contributes to dialog and cooperation for an authentic and harmonious integration of mindfulness in the fields of education.

This transdiciplinary conference bring together philosophers, neuroscientist, psychologues, teachers and contemplatives, in a set of conferences, panels discussions and workshops to envision how Mindfulness could integrate our humanist heritage and post modern culture.

How is it applied to day at school, in professional training, heath and care, and how it could enhance awareness, compassion and wisdom to face the global challenges of our time?


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means a quality of present-centred and open attention. To be present in a non-elaborative, non-judgmental and global experience of the sensuous. It is a natural, hence universal experience.

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Philosophers, psychologues, neurosciences researchers, teachers, meditation practitioners …
and you ! people concerned by those questions bringing your expertise, expériences and personal dynamic.